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Why Unified Commerce is a Game Changer for Retailers

Why Unified Commerce is a Game Changer for Retailers

Posted by FieldStack, August 23, 2022
Today’s ultra-competitive environment presents a unique opportunity for nimble mid-market retailers to outperform the competition. Consumers are rewarding merchants that offer their desired unified shopping experiences. In turn, retail leaders are seeing how unified ...

How Current Trends will Fuel Future Growth for Pet Store Chains

The trends are clear and new data continues to shape the direction of pet specialty retail. With an encouraging backdrop of increased pet ownership and strong segment growth, inflationary concerns ...

How Technology is a Key Component of Hollywood Feed's Growth Story

Hollywood Feed, the number one pet care retailer in Newsweek’s 2022 America’s Best Retailers, has established itself as a highly-admired chain within the pet supply industry. With FieldStack as its ...

How FieldStack Drives Accelerated Growth for Pet Specialty Retail Clients

Today, business leaders and employees alike rely on dozens of legacy software tools and manual processes to carry out their day-to-day operations. Pet store chains and retailers are no exception. As ...

How to Boost Retail Profits with Automated Inventory Management

Automated inventory management has become a cornerstone of success for leading regional and mid-market retailers. It is a unique lever, available to all retailers, that benefits customers, employees, ...

The 3 Pillars of Brick and Mortar Retail Success in 2022

The word is out: brick and mortar stores are the “new” secret weapon of successful retail. Yes, independent and regional retail chains with physical locations are positioned to win in 2022 and ...

Top Trends in Pet Retail from SuperZoo 2021

FieldStack attended SuperZoo 2021 from August 16-19 in Las Vegas and we were proud to exhibit at North America’s premier pet industry trade show once again. This post shares eight top trends in pet ...

The Necessity of Data-Driven Retail

In recent years, retailers have introduced new capabilities at a record pace. To stay ahead of intense competition and ever-changing customer expectations, many are leveraging lean retail principles ...

3 Omnichannel Retail Trends for 2021

While physical retail has been disrupted by COVID, the pandemic also ignited an inspiring fire of innovation. In my last post, I explained why brick and mortar would survive and thrive in 2021. I’ll ...

4 Reasons Why Brick-and-Mortar Will Survive and Thrive in 2021 and Beyond

This is a message of faith in brick-and-mortar retail.

What is Omnichannel Retail and Can My Chain Do it?

You’ve been hearing the term everywhere, and you’re wondering: “What is omnichannel retail?” Beyond that, you may be nervous that it is out of reach for your retail chain. 

What’s the Best Retail POS System? Find the Answer for Your Chain.

So you want to ramp up your retail operations, and you’re wondering: “What’s the best retail point of sale system?” In this post I’ll help you answer that question.

VIDEO: FieldStack in 60 Seconds

Check it out, friends and retailers, the brand-new FieldStack explainer video! We’ll be sharing this soon across the internet, but we wanted to present it to you first.

Holiday Retail Trends 2020: E-Commerce vs. Brick-and-Mortar is a False Choice

We’ve looked across the web to find the make-or-break trends to watch for the 2020 holiday shopping season. Here’s our key takeaway: This is the year where omnichannel capabilities become ...

FieldStack’s Michael Stefanakos Talks with Retail Dive About What Online Shoppers Want Right Now

Michael Stefanakos, Chief Revenue Officer of FieldStack, was interviewed by Daphne Howland of  Retail Dive magazine for “What online shoppers want right now,” a look at how retailers can support ...

FieldStack Featured in Pet Product News

FieldStack was featured in What Pet Retailers Can Gain From Investing in Their Point-of-Sale Systems, an article by Clay Jackson for Pet Product News. Michael Stefanakos, Chief Revenue Officer of ...

FieldStack’s Michael Stefanakos Featured in Retail Dive View of COVID-Era Brick and Mortar

Michael Stefanakos, Chief Revenue Officer of FieldStack, was interviewed by Daphne Howland of Retail Dive magazine for “Brick and mortar’s next chapter,” a look ahead for retail in the age of ...

Reopening Retail: How to Offer Curbside Contactless and BOPIS Purchases

This third post in our Reopening Retail series focuses on curbside contactless pickup as well as Buy Online/Pickup In Store (BOPIS) purchases. We will discuss: 

Reopening Retail: The Pandemic-Proof E-Commerce Website

In this series we explore ways to serve your customers better and keep your retail business resilient in the mid- and post-pandemic world.  Visit the CDC’s coronavirus website for official guidance ...

Reopening Retail: The Pandemic Checkstand

At the time of this writing, leaders are discussing how to reopen the economy during the coronavirus pandemic. FieldStack is focused on helping retailers adapt and survive the uncertainty of this ...

Retail FAQ: How to Continue Serving Customers During the Coronavirus Crisis

Friends in Retail. The retail industry, along with the entire world, has entered a time of great uncertainty. Here at FieldStack, we are proud to be helping long-time and new clients continue ...

COVID-19 Update from CEO Brett Wickard

To Our Valued Clients. As we all work to protect our families, colleagues, and communities during the novel Coronavirus / COVID-19 outbreak, I want to share a message of support and let you know ...

Holiday Retail Report 2019

Well, Deloitte predicted a strong holiday season for retail and now the MasterCard SpendingPulse survey confirms it: the 2019 holidays rocked for retail.

Holiday Retail Forecast 2019

So, the soothsayers are all chiming in, and saying that 2019 is set to be a strong holiday season for many retailers. Huzzah! The question is, which retailers are predicted to benefit most, and is ...

FieldNotes: What Is Perpetual Inventory?

Perpetual inventory is a wonder of our time, and we encourage every retailer to apply it. But, you may ask, what the heck is it?

A Quick Pet Specialty Success Story

With our team headed to SuperZoo (the national show for pet retailers) in Vegas this month, I want to take a minute to share a pet retail success story with our SuperZoo friends. (Of course, ...

Pet Specialty: Make Time to Build Store Culture!

Note: With SuperZoo 2019 on the way, we’re preparing by sharing info for pet specialty retailers. If you’re in a different category, FieldStack will optimize your chain, too!

3 Approaches to E-Commerce for Pet Specialty

Note: With SuperZoo 2019 on the way, we’re preparing by sharing info for pet specialty retailers. If you’re in a different category, FieldStack will optimize your chain, too!

FieldNotes: Can Slow Sellers Help Strong Sales?

It’s ancient wisdom: If a product doesn’t turn, I drop it. If a product’s returns aren’t high enough, I drop it. Any inventory manager will tell you to remove a slow-seller from your shelf to make ...

FieldNotes: Should Every Store Order Like Your Strongest Store?

If you want to grow your retail chain, you need to ensure that each store performs as well as your highest-performing store. So, you see how that store is stocked and extend those same practices to ...

Holiday Gratitude

FieldStack has some amazing clients in the pet specialty category, and this holiday season we decided to express our gratitude to all the critters out there. Thanks to everyone at FieldStack (and ...

Record Store Retail Management Software

How is FieldStack customer BullMoose defying retail norms to continue growing? RetailDive dives in deep for this awesome analysis.

What Made This Holiday Season So Massive For Retail?

Well, the numbers are coming in and this was a truly stupendous year for retail. Total U.S. retail sales this holiday season were up $33 billion from last year, reaching $598 billion dollars.

Black Friday Shines for 2017

Congratulations to all of the FieldStack clients and other retailers who had such a strong Black Friday this year!

We're Plaid to Hire Software Developers in Maine

  Say hi to our University of Maine alumni and other FieldStack staff who visited UMaine this week to recruit some interns for our upcoming summer session.

Brett Speaks About Retail at Chamber Breakfast

Brett Wickard will address a Business Breakfast hosted by Thomas College and the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, September 14, on Thomas College’s campus. He will educate regional business ...

CFO Chris Brown Talks Retail Software on The Poptimist

Our CFO Chris Brown was interviewed by The Poptimist podcast. Listen and learn all about FieldStack, Bull Moose, and how the effective analytics of FieldStack retail software helped a record store ...

Brett Wickard on Disrupting Grocery Retail

RetailDive recently reached out to Brett Wickard, CEO and Founder of FieldStack retail management software, to discuss recent disruptions in grocery retail. Brett brought his expertise in retail ...

Robotocists Unite! Congrats to The Outliers.

Congratulations to local robotics team The Outliers of Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, who won their division at the international 2017 FIRST robotics championship! We’re so proud to work ...

Online Retail Continues to Transform Our Lives

FieldStack is proud to be a part of America’s retail transformation! Check out this brilliant NY Times feature exploring trends in retail’s evolution.

FieldStack Providing Leadership in Online Marketplaces

  Brett Wickard, Founder and CEO of FieldStack retail management software, was featured on RetailDive discussing the opportunities and pitfalls that online marketplaces pose for retailers. Wickard ...

FieldStack Featured in Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News has published a fantastic feature highlighting FieldStack’s retail management software as “the future of brick-and-mortar retailing.” 

FieldStack Teams with Janam to Empower Retailers

FieldStack, the only developer of retail management software designed around the principles of Lean Retail, announced today that it had selected Janam Technologies’ XM5 as the preferred rugged mobile ...

Brett Wickard at Maine Startup + Create Week 2016

MSCW is just around the corner and FieldStack’s very own Brett Wickard will be a panelist! Check out this video where Brett talks about the benefits of doing business out of Maine. Brett leads the ...

Fieldstack on Hyper-localization for Retail

RetailDive recently interviewed Brett Wickard and Michael Stefanokos, of FieldStack retail management software, about the concept of hyper-localization for retail.

The Deming Management Method and Lean Retail

The Deming Management Method by Mary Walton is a business guide for improving profits and productivity based on the principles of American statistician W. Edwards Deming. His 14 key principles for ...

On Retail and Robots

Last week, Daphne Howland posted an interesting article on Retail Dive about retailers and robots. Robots are never late to work, they can be programmed to ask, “How may I help you?” and robots don’t ...

Brett Wickard Featured in RetailDIVE

Long-term customer relationships are built on trust. Unfortunately, many shady retailers abuse that trust by spamming bogus reviews on their sites.

On Board at SuperZoo

FieldStack is excited to be attending SuperZoo 2015 in Las Vegas, July 21-23. We’ll be squeezing palms and sharing the news on our recent implementation with specialty pet supply retailer Pet Life.

RetailDIVE Explores Lean Retail and the Role of Data Analytics

The thought leadership website RetailDIVE did a deep dive on FieldStack, its lean retail approach, and the power of retail data analytics. Here is a teaser from the story by Daphne Howland:

Blackstone Accelerates Growth Welcomes FieldStack

Brunswick, Maine – Blackstone Accelerates Growth (BxG) today announced the newest Maine business selected to the BxG Accelerated Ventures program—FieldStack, which is based in Portland. FieldStack ...

FieldStack Gets MaineBiz Cover Story

FieldStack is thrilled that our company and our Lean Retail Engine™ are featured in MaineBiz this week in a cover story.