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FieldStack Store

Part of the Lean Retail Platform

FieldStack Store is your complete retail Point-of-Sale and Store Operations solution that empowers your staff with the knowledge and speed to exceed customer needs. On the floor and in the back office, we help your team excel at their jobs. 

Today’s retail landscape requires a robust POS solution that goes beyond the channel-specific functions of the past. The FieldStack Store solution is mobile and touch-screen compatible, includes in-aisle and self-check-out, and works in concert with your chain-wide inventory, loyalty, and e-commerce systems. Your team will go beyond customer service to helping customers purchase anywhere in the store while confidently supporting omnichannel transactions.

  •    Mobile and touchscreen compatible
  •   Self-checkout and in-aisle checkout
  •   Integrated payments processing
  •   Product search: store, chain, suppliers
  •   Coupon management
  •   Biometric login
  •   Automated offline mode
  •   BOPIS and curbside pickup
  •   Returns management
  •   Devices:
          • Traditional dual screen POS
          • Self-checkout
  •       • In aisle checkout
Store Operations
  •   Multi-store integration
  •   Loss prevention analysis
  •   Labor scheduling
  •   Time clock
  •   Payroll integration
  •   Accounting data output/GL integration
  •   Role-based security
  •   Labor management
  •   Store operations
  •   Analytics and automation

From a Store Manager's perspective, I enjoy how uncomplicated the software is to use. It is a breeze teaching new hires how to ring our customers. The software is also much faster than software brands that we have used in the past.

Emily S.
Store Manager

FieldStack retail pos terminal

Retail POS that Sets You Free

With FieldStack Store, your associates will focus on service and sales instead of systems. Store is the feature-rich point-of-sale and store operations solution that is intuitive and easy to use. Plus, it’s fast, fast, fast—easily handling catalogs of more than ten million SKUs with search times almost never higher than a few milliseconds.

Self-checkout delivers customer convenience while helping you manage peak periods far more efficiently. And because your POS is mobile-ready, no one is stuck behind the counter anymore.



Store associates are the heart of your retail operation. FieldStack Store is easy-to-learn and intentionally designed with them in mind. Your staff will have full product details, in-store and in-chain inventory status, customer information, and more at their fingertips, all organized in a way that makes sense to them.


With intelligence and automation, FieldStack Store reduces ordering and inventory labor hours, by as much as 90%. Our back-office tools allow you to easily export data files for your accounting software, eliminating the errors of manual data entry, increasing timeliness and accuracy, and reducing labor.


FieldStack lets you import enormous product catalogs in seconds, keeping pricing, descriptions, dimensions, and a myriad of other critical data accurate. While others are struggling, you will be  reducing related labor costs, eliminating errors, and presenting your customers with endless aisles of products.

Part of the FieldStack Lean Retail Platform

Beyond integrated, FieldStack is the end-to-end lean retail management platform
that will help you transform into a customer-centric, data-driven operation.