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FieldStack is a large part of our growth story. Any retailer looking to get the most out of their technology investment should absolutely look at FieldStack.”
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Shawn McGhee
CEO - Hollywood Feed

The Best Pet Store POS & Retail Software

Whether you have 3 stores or hundreds – you can operate a lean, customer-centric, and data-driven pet business. Achieve omnichannel excellence, create great customer experiences, and profitably grow your chain with FieldStack for pet specialty retailers.

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100% Connected Systems

Deliver omnichannel excellence with all your retail systems built to work together.


Advanced Analytics

Data is collected at every touchpoint for real-time insights and game-changing automation.


Dedicated Support

Collaborative partnership with ongoing business and tech expertise.


Updates Included

Cloud-based upgrades are automatic – no more ongoing maintenance & integrations.


Lean Operations

Combine customer value and operational efficiency for max profits with Lean Retail.


Transparent Pricing

Software, hardware, and consultative services for a single, predictable fee.

Ready to get started with unified commerce?

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Why Unified Commerce for Pet Retail?

You’ve heard of omnichannel. What’s the difference between a unified and an omnichannel approach?

Most pet retailers are aiming for “good enough” through omnichannel point solutions and legacy retail tech – doing their best to keep up with the competition and evolving customer expectations. This constant battle costs retailers time, money, and customers. But unified commerce sets you up for omnichannel excellence from the start. With it, you can outperform your competitors.

That’s because unified commerce goes beyond omnichannel by seamlessly connecting back-end retail systems and customer-facing channels, with real-time data flowing throughout. Omnichannel tends to focus only on connecting front-end systems – leaving retailers with a mess behind the scenes.

With unified pet retail systems, you can create exceptional and frictionless customer experiences across each of your sales channels – all while maximizing efficiency and profits for your pet business.

Not only that, but FieldStack is the only unified commerce platform built on Lean Retail principles – evaluating everything in a retail organization through the lens of the customer and the value they receive. That means your chain can immediately transform into a lean, customer-centric, and data-driven operation.


Get ready to accelerate the growth of your pet business.

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The Unified Platform Made for Pet Retailers

Set your pet specialty business up for success with the real-time insights and game-changing automation made possible by the data that flows seamlessly throughout each of the core systems included in the FieldStack platform: POS & Store Operations, eCommerce, Loyalty & CRM, Inventory & Supply, and more.

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POS & Store Operations
for pet specialty

Streamline transactions and empower your pet store associates with a blazing fast point-of-sale.

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for pet specialty

Meet pet parents where they shop with flexible omnichannel fulfillment and powerful eCommerce tools.

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Loyalty & CRM
for pet specialty

Create personalized shopping experiences to turn your customers and their four-legged friends into loyal fans. Plus, FieldStack is compatible with Astro Loyalty and provides automated reimbursements!

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Inventory & Supply
for pet specialty

Optimize your pet store operation with an all-in-one inventory, supply chain, warehouse, and logistics solution.

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Get ready to accelerate the growth of your pet business.

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Lead the Pack with Unified Commerce

In highly competitive verticals like pet specialty, retailers need every advantage they can get.

Unified commerce is that advantage.

While your competitors are chasing their tails trying to keep up with ever-evolving customer expectations and never-ending tech challenges, you will leapfrog ahead of the competition.

Jump ahead (and stay ahead) to become the pet industry leader you know your chain has the potential to become

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Scotty Tanner using FieldStack point of sale
FieldStack enabled us to have our best year ever. We’re planning to continue adding stores and growing our online business. FieldStack’s scalability allows us to do that.
Scotty TannerCEO, The Natural Dog

The Natural Dog results:

  • 14.5%
    inventory reduction
  • $120k
    accounting cost reduction
  • 11k
    labor hours saved per year
  • 10x
    increase in BOPIS
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Imagine a Better Way to Run Your Business

Together, we can transform your pet retail chain into a lean and profitable operation with FieldStack’s unified commerce platform.

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