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“FieldStack allows us to accurately manage our inventory across all platforms. Much of the ordering and returning is automated, which allows us to focus more of our time and energy on selling.
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Philip Ley
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The Best Bookstore POS & Retail Software

No matter how many bookshops you have in your chain – you can run a lean, customer-centric, and data-driven operation. Our unified commerce platform makes it possible. Achieve omnichannel excellence, create exceptional customer experiences, and profitably grow your bookstores with FieldStack.

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100% Connected Systems

Deliver omnichannel excellence with all your retail systems built to work together.


Advanced Analytics

Data is collected at every touchpoint for real-time insights and game-changing automation.


Dedicated Support

Collaborative partnership with ongoing business and tech expertise.


Updates Included

Cloud-based upgrades are automatic – no more ongoing maintenance & integrations.


Lean Operations

Combine customer value and operational efficiency for max profits with Lean Retail.


Transparent Pricing

Software, hardware, and consultative services for a single, predictable fee.

Why Unified Commerce for Booksellers?

You’ve heard of omnichannel. Now, it’s time to take it a step further.

Introducing unified commerce.

Here’s the difference.... Omnichannel focuses on connecting front-end systems only – leaving retailers with an expensive mess behind the scenes. It costs booksellers their customers and profit margins. But unified commerce goes beyond omnichannel by seamlessly connecting back-end retail systems and customer-facing channels, with actionable real-time data flowing throughout.

By going beyond omnichannel, you'll create frictionless customer experiences across each of your sales channels. Plus, you’ll finally be able to maximize your profit potential and operational efficiencies.

With FieldStack, you get the only unified commerce platform built on Lean Retail principles – evaluating everything in your organization through the lens of the customer and the value you bring to them. Go beyond omnichannel and start transforming your bookstore business into a lean, customer-centric, and data-driven operation today.


Get Ready to Accelerate the Growth of Your Indie Bookstores

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The Unified Platform Made for Indie Bookstore Retailers

Set your bookstores up for success with real-time insights, game-changing automation, and a robust catalog. It’s all made possible by the data that flows throughout each of the core systems within our unified commerce platform. The FieldStack platform includes POS & Store Operations, eCommerce, Loyalty & CRM, Inventory & Supply, and more.

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POS & Store Operations
for bookstores

Streamline transactions and empower your associates with a powerful bookstore point-of-sale system.

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for bookstores

Meet ever-evolving customer expectations with omnichannel fulfillment and eCommerce tools.

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Loyalty & CRM
for bookstores

Offer customized shopping experiences to engage readers and create strong brand loyalty.

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Inventory & Supply
for bookstores

Line your shelves with the books your customers want with a complete inventory and warehouse solution.

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Run a Competitive Bookstore Chain with Unified Commerce

In a world full of big box stores and ever-increasing competition, how do you stand out?

The answer is unified commerce.

Our unified commerce platform brings efficiency and automation to your operations that your competition can’t match. With it, you can create exceptional customer experiences. And it gets better every day as we continuously enhance our cloud-based retail management system with input from our clients.

Get ready to jump ahead of the competition to become the industry leader you know your retail chain can become.

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21 Million Books (and counting)!

You get instant access to a massive catalog of book titles with FieldStack. Plus, we add an average of 15 THOUSAND new books each week.

Imagine what this database could do for your bookstore:

  • Create an endless aisle of inventory
  • Allow customers to preorder a book the week it's announced
  • Save countless hours & headache on manual data entry
  • Easily offer a used book buyback & resale program

With ISBN and pricing data at your fingertips, you’ll finally have the power to add any book to your inventory and compete with the retail giants.

Learn more about our growing catalog when you book your demo.

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Imagine a Better Way to Run Your Bookstore Chain

Together, we can transform your bookshop operation into a lean and profitable business with FieldStack’s unified commerce platform.

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