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FieldStack Supply

Part of the Lean Retail Platform
In-demand is always in-stock with your smart inventory, order management, supply chain, and catalog system. FieldStack Supply retail inventory management software automates the stocking of the right product, in the right place, at the right time. Informed by real-time data and supervised by you, FieldStack Supply brings efficiency to inventory management while helping you order smarter with fewer resources.
  •    Inventory management
  •    Inventory optimization
  •   Automated replenishment
  •   Order management
  •   Warehouse management
  •   EDI integration
  •   Vendor management
  •   Purchasing
  •   Shipping and receiving
  •   Inter-store transfers
  •   Promotion management
  •   Special orders
  •   Sale pricing
  •   Product display management
  •   Catalog management
  •   Real-time chain-wide inventory
  •   Analytics and automation
FieldStack retail inventory management

Machines Take Over and Help Out with Retail Inventory

Data-driven automation, with appropriate oversight, is more accurate than humans at predicting buying demands. For new items and special situations, experienced buyers are critical. But for day-to-day replenishment, FieldStack Supply is the retail inventory management and supply chain solution that rises above personal bias to meet the needs of your customers. Now, in-demand is always in-stock and overstocks are greatly reduced. 

Why is FieldStack Supply the Right Inventory and Supply Chain Solution?


FieldStack’s wisdom is partly drawn from your top-performing staff. Wherever sales are up and waste is down, FieldStack identifies the strategies at play. Then, those strategies are extended across your footprint. If Pat, your store manager, sells 15% more widgets than other stores, we effectively clone Pat and put her to work everywhere. Thanks, Pat!


FieldStack Supply automates inventory management using a virtually unlimited set of filters based on each client’s needs. The many data sets that inform this process include whole chain, regional and sub-regional inventory, supplier inventory, intro periods for new products, promotional products, and much more.


You will experience the impact of resource and flow efficiencies that drive revenue and improve operations. Our clients will tell you that the secret sauce is right here, reducing  inventory 15-30% to free capital for new store openings, cutting inventory labor hours as much as 90%, and achieving double digit growth.

FieldStack allows us to accurately manage our inventory across all platforms. Much of the ordering and returning is automated, which allows us to focus more of our time and energy on selling.

Philip L.

Part of the FieldStack Lean Retail Platform

Beyond integrated, FieldStack is the end-to-end lean retail management platform
that will help you transform into a customer-centric, data-driven operation.