Save Time and Money with Unified Inventory & Supply

Stock smarter and with fewer resources than ever before. Armed with real-time data insights and automation, it's time to bring real efficiency to your inventory and warehouse.

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FieldStack allows us to accurately manage our inventory across all platforms. Much of the ordering and returning is automated, which allows us to focus more of our time and energy on selling.”
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Philip Ley
Manager - The Sound Garden

Inventory and Supply Chain Software for Growth-Minded Retailers

Optimize your operation with a retail inventory management and supply chain system, a warehouse management system (WMS), and a logistics solution – all in one. Our unified commerce platform shares real-time inventory data automatically across systems, so you can experience the transformative impact of resource and flow efficiencies.

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Optimized Inventory & Supply

Maximize revenue and drastically cut inefficiencies like carrying costs, overstocks, and out-of-stocks. Stock smarter with data-driven automation and insights – including optimized assortment planning, SKU rationalization, demand forecasting, and more.


Streamlined Warehouse Operations

Transform your warehouse into a lean, well-oiled machine. The efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse impacts the whole chain. Optimize every aspect of warehousing with a powerful WMS.


100% Connected Retail

Manage your retail operation with a unified inventory and supply system that seamlessly connects your stores, website, warehouses, and supply chain around the personalized needs of your customers.


Data You Can Use

Experience peak business performance with dynamic forecasting, detailed reporting, and a customized business intelligence dashboard for real-time actionable insights and automation.


Ahead of the Competition

Become your industry’s leader with the latest in tech innovation. Your retail system updates are made regularly via the cloud, so you can say goodbye to ongoing maintenance, integrations, and expensive upgrades.


Your Personal Team of Experts

Count on us for ongoing business and tech expertise that goes well beyond inventory management. Together, we’ll adapt to evolving customer expectations and optimize your whole retail chain through continuous innovation.

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Everything You Need in an Inventory Management System

Inventory & Supply

  • Automated rebalancing
  • Automated replenishment
  • Dynamic inventory forecasting
  • EDI integration
  • Inter-store transfers
  • Inventory optimization
  • Order management
  • Product catalog management
  • Product display management
  • Real-time chain-wide inventory
  • Vendor management

Warehouse Management

  • Automated replenishment
  • Bin location management
  • Cross-docking
  • Pick and put away
  • Send and receive
  • Staging

The Engine that Powers it All


At the core of our software is the Lean Retail Engine – the real-time data and advanced analytics that flow throughout each system in our adaptable, cloud-based platform. Most importantly, it's what empowers you to run a thriving retail chain with actionable insights and game-changing automation.

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Manage Your Entire Retail Operation with One Platform

Our unified commerce platform takes the complexity out of technology by combining the core systems you need to run a thriving retail chain. Create a seamless omnichannel experience and profitably grow your business with robust POS, eCommerce, inventory, loyalty, real-time actionable data, and more. All from a single platform.

Discover the Unified Platform

POS & Store Operations

Empower your associates with a blazing fast POS system that seamlessly connects your stores, website, warehouses, and supply chain.

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Grow your business and meet ever-changing customer expectations with flexible omnichannel fulfillment, marketplace integrations, and your own custom webstore.

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Loyalty & CRM

Leverage your customer data and increase lifetime value with customizable loyalty programs, promotions, and personalized shopping experiences.

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Inventory & Supply Chain

Stock the right products, in the right place, and at the right time through real-time data insights and automation – order smarter and with fewer resources than ever before.

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Connected by Advanced Analytics

Set your business up for success with the real-time insights and game-changing automation made possible by the data that flows seamlessly throughout each of the core systems included in the FieldStack platform.


Imagine an Inventory and Supply Chain System That Was Made for Omnichannel Excellence

With unified commerce, seamless omnichannel becomes a reality. No more disconnected data siloes, disparate systems, or frustrated customers and store associates.

Are you ready to transform your retail chain into a customer-centric, data-driven operation?

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