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“We needed to change systems between seasons, and I’d never seen a system launch in less than a year – until FieldStack did it in 5 months!
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Faustine Reny
Leadership - Renys

The Best Department Store POS & Retail Software

Embracing innovation and creating exceptional customer experiences are the keys to success for modern-day department stores. With FieldStack, you can operate a lean, customer-centric, and data-driven retail chain. Whether you have 3 stores or hundreds, our platform makes omnichannel excellence (and profitable growth) possible.

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100% Connected Systems

Deliver omnichannel excellence with all your retail systems built to work together.


Advanced Analytics

Data is collected at every touchpoint for real-time insights and game-changing automation.


Dedicated Support

Collaborative partnership with ongoing business and tech expertise.


Updates Included

Cloud-based upgrades are automatic – no more ongoing maintenance & integrations.


Lean Operations

Combine customer value and operational efficiency for max profits with Lean Retail.


Transparent Pricing

Software, hardware, and consultative services for a single, predictable fee.

Why Unified Commerce for Department Store Retail?

Department stores are facing unique challenges today. In a shifting retail landscape where there always seems to be another failing department store making headlines, FieldStack’s clients continue to thrive. Why?

Instead of aiming for “good enough” and playing a constant game of “catch up” with omnichannel point solutions and legacy retail tech, our clients are outpacing the competition with unified commerce. They not only meet customer expectations but exceed them.

That’s because unified commerce goes beyond omnichannel by seamlessly connecting back-end retail systems and customer-facing channels, with real-time (actionable) data flowing throughout. Omnichannel tends to focus only on connecting front-end systems – leaving department stores with a mess behind the scenes. And this mess is expensive – costing retailers their customers and profit margins.

You can create exceptional and frictionless customer experiences across each of your sales channels with unified POS and retail systems – all while maximizing efficiency and profits for your department store chain. Unlike your competitors, you can go beyond omnichannel.

With FieldStack, you get the only unified commerce platform built on Lean Retail principles – evaluating everything in a retail organization through the lens of the customer and the value you give them. That means your chain can immediately transform into a lean, customer-centric, and data-driven operation.


Get ready to accelerate the growth of your department store

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The Unified Platform Made for Department Store Retailers

Set your department stores up for success with real-time insights and game-changing automation. This is all made possible by the data that flows seamlessly throughout each of the core systems included in our unified commerce platform: POS & Store Operations, eCommerce, Loyalty & CRM, Inventory & Supply, and more.

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POS & Store Operations
for department stores

Streamline every transaction and empower your retail associates with a robust point-of-sale system.

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for department stores

Meet ever-changing customer expectations with omnichannel fulfillment and powerful eCommerce tools.

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Loyalty & CRM
for department stores

Offer customized shopping experiences to engage your customers and create fierce brand loyalty.

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Inventory & Supply
for department stores

Optimize every aspect of your operation with an all-in-one inventory, supply, logistics, and warehouse solution.

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Get ready to accelerate the growth of your department stores.

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Run a Competitive Department Store Chain with Unified Commerce

In the highly challenging department store vertical, retailers need every advantage they can get.

Unified commerce gives you that advantage.

Department stores offer it all – from seasonal items to hard goods, soft goods, and more. And that makes waste a real concern. It also means you compete with everyone.

FieldStack brings unrivaled efficiency and automation to your operations. Plus, the ability to create exceptional customer experiences. Our platform is built to handle all the complexities of a modern department store. And it gets better every day as we continuously enhance our cloud-based retail management system with input from our clients.

Get ready to jump ahead of the competition to become the department store industry leader you know your retail chain can become.

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It used to take 45 seconds to process a product moving from one bin to another – now FieldStack does it in 2 seconds. Our team feels the difference!
Adam RenyLeadership, Renys

Renys results:

  • 2.5x
    increase in checkout speed
  • 70%
    reduction in special order fulfillment time
  • 22x
    increase in speed to process product moves
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Imagine a Better Way to Run Your Retail Chain

Together, we can transform your department store chain into a lean and profitable business with FieldStack’s unified commerce platform.

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