Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Often Struggle with...

Customer Experience

No matter how hard they try, tech challenges keep many retailers from beating the giants on convenience, product selection, and personalized service.

Operational Inefficiencies

Manual tasks and inefficient inventory management, pricing, and distribution create challenges like overstocks, out-of-stocks, and expired stock. 

Labor Shortages

Retailers are always trying to do more with less. Employees often waste time with manual activities and battling technology instead of providing exceptional service.

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Online Giants Changed Retail Forever

For decades, the online giants, mega-corporations, and specialty category leaders have been stealing market share from local retailers.

They leverage deep pockets retail chains can't match to develop sophisticated tech for ever-better customer experiences and more efficient operations.

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Retailers Are
Up Against:

  • Free 1-day shipping
  • Endless product selection
  • Race-to-the-bottom pricing
  • Evolving customer expectations

To Beat the Online Giants, Retailers Must Level Up Their Customer Experience AND Operational Efficiency

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Senior VP of Retail Operations, Goodwill Northern New England

Harness your Competitive Advantage

Learn How to Leverage Brick-and-Mortar’s Natural Advantages to Compete with Online Giants (without Sacrificing Margin).

Retail Challenges

Retail’s #2 Growth Challenge:
Cobbled Tech Stacks

Integrations & Legacy ERP’s
Always Disappoint

You’ve probably added multiple integrations and seen your staff struggle to efficiently run customer and back-end operations. These solutions are never as seamless as they promise.

Your data is spread across multiple systems, your tools don't work together, and you're forced to use band-aid fixes to prevent your tech stack from falling apart.

You May be Considering...

Upgrading your POS System

Many POS solutions fail to deliver the promised functionality. You waste hours battling workarounds, and the system still fails to reliably do what you need.

Adding New Tools via Integration
Integrations are never as seamless as promised. Cobbling tools together inevitably creates friction, and it's customers that suffer through delays and errors.
Investing in a Legacy ERP Solution

Most ERPs create complexity and fall short of expectations. By bolting together acquired components, they built a franken-system that requires specialized staff to keep it running.

Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Have CLEAR Advantages That Aren’t Fully Leveraged... Yet

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The Local Advantage

Brick-and-mortar retailers can leverage their community presence in ways that faceless corporations can't match.

Unfortunately, most are too bogged down with frustrating technology to focus on creating amazing customer experiences.

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Retail Chains Win by Matching the Capabilities of the Online Giants and Then Leveraging Key Face-to-Face Advantages

The result? Memorable customer experiences that the online giants can't match, supported by streamlined operations and a lean back-end system that can smoothly scale to 100’s of stores.

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Retail Success

How to Beat the Online Giants

Lean Retail Chains are stealing market share from the online giants and increasing margins by leveraging their inherent advantages.