FieldStack is the only end-to-end suite of cloud-based lean retail solutions designed and built to work together to leverage real-time data, advanced analytics, and automation. Since 2013, we have helped retailers grow profitably amidst intense competition by taking a customer-focused and data-centric approach to improving their bottom line.
 FieldStack team shot at Field Day 2022
FieldStack brings the advanced capabilities of global chains to all retailers, with point-of-sale, eCommerce, inventory management, warehouse management, and more within a single unified platform.

Our Core Values

Create Wildly Successful Clients

We exist to help retailers grow profitably and achieve success. We sit on the same side of the table as our clients. Our entire team and actions are 100% aligned around the overarching goal of helping our clients thrive.


Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are intrinsically motivated by what we've set out to do — to make great retailers even better. We are incredibly data-driven and solution-oriented. We operate with optimism, resourcefulness, creativity, curiosity, and agility. Everything we do involves smart structure with a dash of entrepreneurial flair.

Engage With Empathy

We show up as human beings who speak from our hearts, value our teammates, and invest in each other. By listening to diverse perspectives, our differences drive innovation, intelligent decisions, and stronger results. We support each other and encourage self-care, including finding a healthy balance between our important work and all else that life offers.


Be Tenacious

We have a stubborn, dogged determination that drives us to the finish and results in having fewer loose ends left untied. Most importantly, it gives us the confidence to complete the seemingly impossible.


FieldStack Brett Wickard


Founder and President

Brett Wickard began FieldStack from the client side, as the president of a retail chain. Brett was able to follow his entrepreneurial interests in Maine when he opened his first Bull Moose music store in 1989, while still a student at Bowdoin College. FieldStack emerged from Brett’s work to keep his chain growing in a changing industry, and he is the chief architect of the software. The results have been fantastic, and so other retailers began to ask for the software. FieldStack was born in 2013.

FieldStack Tim Hannan


VP, Product
As FieldStack’s VP of Product, Tim focuses on continuing to advance FieldStack’s unified commerce solution. Prior to working at FieldStack, Tim held IT leadership positions at Per-Se Technologies and the New York County District Attorney’s office. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Marist College and earned his MBA from USM’s School of Business. He is also an avid hiker and certified rescue team member.


VP, Client Success

Steve has 20 years of experience working in technology, primarily at software development companies. Prior to joining FieldStack, Steve worked in the healthcare industry where he led technical and project teams overseeing implementations and long-term customer support. Steve is passionate about software evolution and improvement in the best interest of the client base. As native New Englanders, Steve and his family have experienced many significant life moments in the state of Maine and the region holds a big place in their hearts.

Our Mission

To unleash the hidden potential of technology and data-driven automation for retailers through a unified commerce platform, so they can grow by doing what they do best – creating exceptional and unforgettable shopping experiences for their customers.

Our Vision

A world where the complexity of technology is invisible to retailers and their customers, but the immense benefits are evident.