How Unified Technology is Key to Hollywood Feed's Growth Story

Post by FieldStack
August 1, 2022
How Unified Technology is Key to Hollywood Feed's Growth Story

Hollywood Feed, the #1 pet care retailer in Newsweek’s 2022 America’s Best Retailers, has established itself over the years as a highly admired chain within the pet supply industry. When FieldStack came on board as its technology partner in 2016, the company had just 32 stores and had yet to earn the attention of pet store chains nationwide.

Today, Hollywood Feed's robust omnichannel operation is backed by a cutting-edge tech stack with a sophisticated eCommerce platform. As a result, it has scaled significantly. The retail chain now supports 180+ stores throughout 19 states (and counting). CEO Shawn McGhee recognizes the impact of modern technology firsthand, stating, “FieldStack is a large part of our growth story.”

Here is the retail software that helped accelerate Hollywood Feed’s growth in an increasingly competitive industry.

Prioritizing the Customer Experience

Today’s online giants have created an ultra-competitive environment for pet store chains. As a result, chains with legacy tech stacks and outdated workflows are experiencing growth plateaus and declining profits. Retailers who fail to adapt are losing market share, while those who innovate are thriving.

A recent press release describes how Hollywood Feed excels through innovation. An outstanding product selection, super-efficient distribution network, and competitive pricing model are cornerstones of the company’s success. Along with its “pack” of employees and superior tech stack, this all adds up to an exceptional experience for customers.

From a pure customer experience standpoint, Hollywood Feed has this amazing tech stack that we bring to the table. The consumer is going to see that in speed… robustness of the offering… and overall service, McGhee reinforced the importance of innovative technology in his conversation with Pet Insight regarding Hollywood Feed's recent acquisition of PetPeople’s 80-store chain.

Turning Real-Time Data into Customer Value

Hollywood Feed knows how modern technology and real-time data result in a better customer experience. After implementing FieldStack in 2016, the company gained a holistic overview of transactions and inventories across its operation.

Real-time actionable data immediately flowed through their systems without the burden of manual intervention or disconnected sources. Armed with a new level of insight, Hollywood Feed used operational efficiencies and automation to free up its workforce. The team can now focus on what matters most  the customers. 

While other retailers struggle with cobbled tech stacks, Hollywood Feed has leveraged unified technology to outpace customer expectations.

Leveraging a Natural Advantage to Beat the Online Giants

With a blind eye toward profit margins and no physical stores, online retail giants in the pet industry offer rock-bottom prices. But retail chains can still compete. As Hollywood Feed demonstrates, brick-and-mortar stores have a natural advantage — offering a memorable customer experience that online giants can’t match.

Hollywood Feed leverages modern technology to provide the whole package for its customers — competitive pricing is just a piece of that. A winning formula allows the chain to offer enhanced customer service, exceptional value, and a seamless omnichannel experience.


Hollywood Feed’s sustained growth and ongoing success are a testament to pet retailers’ ability to thrive, even in the age of digitalization. Regional and midmarket pet chains are seeking new and innovative strategies to improve customer experience, elevate supply chain efficiency, and stand out in a competitive space. Modern unified technology offers them a distinct advantage.

There’s a reason why Shawn McGhee says, “Any retailer looking to get the most out of their technology investment should absolutely look at FieldStack.”

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Post by FieldStack
August 1, 2022