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FieldStack Providing Leadership in Online Marketplaces

FieldStack Providing Leadership in Online Marketplaces

Posted by Michael Stefanakos, February 03, 2017
  Brett Wickard, Founder and CEO of FieldStack retail management software, was featured on RetailDive discussing the opportunities and pitfalls that online marketplaces pose for retailers. Wickard advises that the best retail software systems allow retailers to manage all ...

FieldStack Featured in Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News has published a fantastic feature highlighting FieldStack’s retail management software as “the future of brick-and-mortar retailing.” 

FieldStack Teams with Janam to Empower Retailers

FieldStack, the only developer of retail management software designed around the principles of Lean Retail, announced today that it had selected Janam Technologies’ XM5 as the preferred rugged mobile ...

Brett Wickard at Maine Startup + Create Week 2016

MSCW is just around the corner and FieldStack’s very own Brett Wickard will be a panelist! Check out this video where Brett talks about the benefits of doing business out of Maine. Brett leads the ...

Fieldstack on Hyper-localization for Retail

RetailDive recently interviewed Brett Wickard and Michael Stefanokos, of FieldStack retail management software, about the concept of hyper-localization for retail.

The Deming Management Method and Lean Retail

The Deming Management Method by Mary Walton is a business guide for improving profits and productivity based on the principles of American statistician W. Edwards Deming. His 14 key principles for ...

On Retail and Robots

Last week, Daphne Howland posted an interesting article on Retail Dive about retailers and robots. Robots are never late to work, they can be programmed to ask, “How may I help you?” and robots don’t ...

Brett Wickard Featured in RetailDIVE

Long-term customer relationships are built on trust. Unfortunately, many shady retailers abuse that trust by spamming bogus reviews on their sites.

On Board at SuperZoo

FieldStack is excited to be attending SuperZoo 2015 in Las Vegas, July 21-23. We’ll be squeezing palms and sharing the news on our recent implementation with specialty pet supply retailer Pet Life.

RetailDIVE Explores Lean Retail and the Role of Data Analytics

The thought leadership website RetailDIVE did a deep dive on FieldStack, its lean retail approach, and the power of retail data analytics. Here is a teaser from the story by Daphne Howland: