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Increase efficiency and deliver meaningful customer experiences with the Lean Retail Framework.

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The Lean Retail Framework

Deliver a seamless experience for customers and retailers alike
while actively boosting your growth and profit margins.
FieldStack Level One Plan

Level 1

The Plan

Lean Retail begins with an understanding of where you’re at and what’s possible. This includes homing in on your customer experience, operational efficiency, and data performance.

FieldStack level two proof

Level 2

The Proof

The second phase of the Lean Retail Framework involves initiating the lean practices that align you on the path to profitable operations and an outstanding customer experience.

FieldStack level three payoff

Level 3

The Payoff

The home stretch of the Lean Retail Framework is all about optimizing your organization to maximize revenue and profit, giving you the ability to scale your impact.

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Level the Playing Field

Lean Retail empowers regional retailers to compete on the same playing field as the online giants.

Adopting the Lean Retail Framework helps you remove the clutter from your tech solutions and retail operations.

Ready to stop struggling with manual processes and siloed data? Lean Retail lets you focus on the work that brings tangible value to customers.

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Gain valuable and actionable insights that helped local and regional retail chains boost margins by 40% year-over-year and improve customer experiences at the same time: All without adding more costs and complexity.

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Don’t Let Cobbled-Together Tech Stop You From Leveraging Your Advantages

Brick-and-mortar retailers can deliver customer experiences that online stores can’t replicate.

Stop struggling with siloed data, unnecessary manual work, and disjointed integrations.

Implementing a lean retail platform allows you to focus on the work that brings value to your customers, giving you an edge over the online competition.

Our Customers'

Reviews Speak for Themselves

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With FieldStack we are able to focus more on customer service, which is where we want to be. We now have the ability to grow without the fear of stumbling over our technology.

Pete R.
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Within days of going live, we could see increased efficiency in multiple areas. Streamlined inventory management, AI-assisted ordering, an integrated web store…

eCommerce & IT Manager
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The POS systems are intuitive and easy to use and everything can be counted on to work. ​​FieldStack also allows us to accurately manage our inventory across all platforms.

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FieldStack employs numerous innovative methods such as a biometric fingerprint scanner. The touch screen controls are responsive and lightning speed.


The Future is Lean

See What a Lean Retail Platform Can Do for Your Operations, Customer Experience, and Profits.