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Here's how Lean Retail works.


What is Lean Retail?

Lean Retail is a data-driven method of running a retail chain centered around adding customer value — sometimes by removing activities that do not provide value, and often by shifting resources toward higher-value activities. This approach continuously delivers incremental improvements with enormous compounding impact over time.

The concept of Lean goes all the way back to Toyota in the mid-twentieth century. Running Lean, Toyota made history by drastically improving the assembly line process. The success of Lean in manufacturing led to today’s transformative new approach to retail.

Our software takes this Lean concept and brings it to life for retailers. That’s because FieldStack is the only unified commerce platform built on Lean Retail principles – evaluating everything in a retail organization through the lens of the customer and the value the customer receives. With our unique platform, we help mid-market retailers transform their chains into lean, customer-centric, data-driven operations.

Why Do Retailers Need Lean Retail?

Running a successful retail business is a constant struggle. And doing so with traditional retail systems is nearly impossible.

Customer expectations are rising right alongside operational costs. Labor challenges, increased competition, and tech constraints all stand in the way of creating stand-out experiences that lead to brand loyalty, revenue, and profit.

Retailers need a way to operate leaner than ever, while still delivering exceptional customer experiences that will set them apart from the competition.

Lean Retail is the answer.


What Does Lean Retail Success Look Like?

Lean Retail Success is achieved when resources (especially inventory and labor) are optimized while creating a better experience for customers and associates. Fortunately, the right technology makes it possible.

When your retail chain is truly optimized and running lean...


You can align your operation around each customers’ needs & preferences


You can accurately predict customer demand


You can quickly & efficiently move products through your value chain


You can fulfill orders with flexibility & speed


The 3 Conditions You Need to Succeed

With our platform, your business will be positioned for Lean Retail Success. You'll be able to create better customer and associate experiences – all while growing revenue, improving cash flow, and maximizing profit.

Here’s how we help set you up for success.


1. 100% Connected Retail Systems

Core to Lean Retail Success is having unified technology in place to make it happen. Disconnected systems cannot optimize your operation – even if some things appear to be “omnichannel” from the outside. Back-end and front-end systems must be connected to improve the flow of inventory and information across your entire operation. This is what provides maximum customer value.

With FieldStack, your retail systems are 100% connected and built to work together.

2. Real-Time Data Flow

Every touch point is an opportunity to collect valuable customer data. Unfortunately, most traditional retail software can’t capture this data and use it effectively.

With FieldStack, data is collected everywhere and flows throughout your systems in real time. This empowers you to make better business decisions and leverage game-changing automation. With our advanced analytics, we make it easy to optimize every part of your business.

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3. Ongoing Expertise & Support

Whether you have 2 stores or hundreds, you deserve the full attention and support of your tech partner. You need a proactive team that has the business and tech expertise to help you optimize every step of the way – not just when the software is initially implemented or when you run into issues.

At FieldStack, our Client Success team works collaboratively with each client (no matter the size). We’ll help you adapt to evolving customer expectations and optimize your entire retail chain. Together, we’ll achieve Lean Retail Success.

Introducing the Lean Retail Framework

3 Simple Steps to Lean Retail Success

Here’s exactly what you can expect from our discovery and onboarding process:


1. The Plan
Lean Retail begins with an understanding of where you’re at and what’s possible. This begins by homing in on your current customer experience, operational efficiency, and data performance. It includes envisioning the opportunities made possible with FieldStack’s unified commerce platform.


2. The Proof
The second phase involves validating your expected return on investment and initiating Lean Retail practices through our unified technology platform – aligning you on the path to more profitable operations, outstanding customer experiences, and growth.


3. The Payoff
FieldStack enables immediate and ongoing improvements and impact. The home stretch is all about optimizing your organization to maximize revenue and profit, giving you the ability to grow sustainably. Once the platform is implemented, our Shared Success Partnership Model provides ongoing expertise and innovation to support your business goals.



Powering Lean Retail Success

The Lean Retail Engine

Our Lean Retail Engine powers our adaptable, cloud-based platform. The engine refers to the real-time data and advanced analytics that flow throughout the core retail systems within. These analytics allow for real-time actionable insights and game-changing automation.


The Unified Commerce Platform Made for Lean Retail

Set your business up for Lean Retail Success. Create a seamless omnichannel experience with robust POS, eCommerce, inventory, loyalty, real-time actionable data, and more. All in a single platform.

Ready to Experience Lean Retail Success?

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