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From footwear to Funyuns, you offer it all. And that’s not easy. But it can be. From seasonal items to hard goods, soft goods, and more, each of your lines requires a slightly different approach to ordering and stocking. But, even with those differences, it all has to work together. We’ve got you.

With so much to offer, your staff needs real-time information at their fingertips about the products you carry and the preferences of your customers. Unified commerce makes all of this possible. Your customers will experience the personalized service and flexibility they’ve grown accustomed to — the flexibility to shop the channels they choose with convenient pick-up and delivery options. And it gets better every day as we continuously enhance our cloud-based retail management system with input from our clients.

With the FieldStack platform and our full-service partnership, you will enjoy the freedom to focus on your business. No more add-ons. No more integrations. Just FieldStack. 

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The Lean Retail Framework

See how the Lean Retail Framework will help you leverage your advantages to beat the online giants, category leaders, and mega-retailers. 

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FieldStack’s Lean Retail Platform:

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Together, we will transform your omnichannel retail chain into a lean, customer-centric, data-driven operation. 

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Thirty seconds can seem like an hour when you have a line of people waiting to check out and your system is dragging. FieldStack was built from the ground up with your staff in mind. And that means speed. Whether they are looking up past purchases, checking stock on an item, or finding the last product that you know is in stock even when it's hiding in plain sight. FieldStack puts knowledge like this in your staff’s hands at ludicrous speed.

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You have it all. And that makes waste a real concern. In the best case, stale products get marked down to make room for new ones. Or, if it sits too long it gets dusty and damaged. FieldStack helps you reduce both. Whether automating ordering and stocking decisions with AI or through integrated marketplaces, FieldStack is built to handle all the complexities of a modern department store. Now you can have it all - with less!

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As a department store, you compete with everyone. And your customers shop everywhere. Their last best experience is what they expect from you. Keeping pace can be daunting, constantly adding new plug-ins and systems to meet customers expectations. While those cobbled systems check a box, they never deliver. FieldStack gives you tomorrow’s technology today, so you'll stay ahead of the curve while your competition tries to keep pace.

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Beyond integrated, FieldStack is the end-to-end lean retail management platform
that will help you transform into a customer-centric, data-driven operation.


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