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Almost more than any other segment, apparel and footwear retailers have a distinct advantage over the online giants. From fit and feel to how something looks when your customer tries it on.  The immediacy for shoppers to be able to walk out of the store with exactly what they want is unprecedented. The only catch is you need to have the right products at the right place and price.

FieldStack’s apparel and footwear retail solution makes that possible. We will know the trends, colors, and sizes you need to stock at each store. There will be no more cookie-cutter allocations or endless hours making manual adjustments to which store gets what.

FieldStack optimizes the product mix at each store, meaning you will minimize overstocks and out-of-stocks. And you won’t waste time and money moving products from store to store. But, if you don’t have the perfect size or color, you will see real-time inventory in FieldStack for all of your stores, warehouse, and in many cases, even your suppliers - allowing you to get your customer exactly what they want

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Together, we will transform your omnichannel retail chain into a lean, customer-centric, data-driven operation. 

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Apparel and footwear are as personal as it gets. Just because it looks good online doesn’t mean it will work for you. The color  is never  quite the same as in person. If needed, making it easy for customers to return or exchange products, purchased online or in-store, means they will keep coming back. FieldStack’s loyalty and CRM solutions provides deep knowledge of shoppers at each store and online, enabling you to treat every customer like the individual they are!


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Regardless of how your team orders, FieldStack helps you get it right. Plug in your budget or enable the system to order what's  needed. Either way, the FieldStack grid ordering system takes the guesswork out of what to buy and what stores need which colors, styles, and sizes. A job that used to take your most talented staff untold hours, is now done with a click of a mouse. You'll be freeing up those same people to do what only people can do - help your customers and curate your next best sellers. 

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We get it. Nothing is the same, and it’s all the same. No matter the season, last year you sold a product that fit a slot. Whether it was a long blue raincoat or a pair of leather thong sandals, the names of the colors and styles may have changed, but a rose by any other name is still a rose. We understand. FieldStack will  leverage your past knowledge to make sure that this year, setting up a new line is quick and easy every time.

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